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Eco Natural A4 Menu Covers Zen Design

Eco Natural A4 Menu Covers Zen Design


DAG A4 Eco Zen design menu covers are made from recycled and sustainable cotton fibres impregnated with latex to produce a strong washable cover. This is the same material that is used to make to labels on your jeans and can be machine washed hundreds of times and then ironed flat. 

The off the shelf digital printed covers come in a selection of designs or can be printed with a full front cover personalisation when your order 18 menu covers or more. The printed covers come in A4 size with a portrait orientation. The cover fittings feature a red elastic cord which will hold folded menu papers, they also come with a removable double plastic pocket, to display 4 pages and extra pockets are available. 11 A4 size left in uk stock.

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