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Rough brown light card A4/A3 170gsm. 250 sheets

Rough brown light card A4/A3 170gsm. 250 sheets


Eco Kraft' is a 100% post-consumer recycled light card / thick paper in A4 170gsm weight.  Plain brown in colour, with a rough texture, this is sold in packs of 250 sheets. 

Please be aware there can be large shade variations between different batches and some sheets contain a lot of flecks.

Please note these papers and cards are not made to graphic quality standards.They are not guaranteed to run on all office machines and they are used entirely at the buyers discetion. 

Generaly most printer machines have difficulty running card over 200gsm in weight although some will run weights up to 300gsm.

If you want to be sure they run on your specific machine please request sample sheets before you purchase.

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